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COVID-19: Important HR Updates

Dear Valued Clients,

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We hope this message finds you and your families doing well.  Due to these uncertain times, we want to provide you with information to assist you in managing issues that may affect your workplace.  Below is some information and “links” to resources that will provide you answers to most of your questions.  If you have additional questions or want to discuss ideas to help deal with workplace issues, please let me know and we can schedule a call.

In a nutshell, employees affected by the coronavirus or under quarantine will be eligible for State disability insurance benefits.  Employees who have to take off work to care for an affected family member will be eligible for paid family leave benefits.  Employees affected by a business shutdown or furlough, will be eligible to receive unemployment benefits.  Attached, please find a helpful Checklist for Employers.

The EDD has posted a Coronavirus page, including a helpful FAQ, to help address questions for those impacted either directly by the actual coronavirus illness (e.g. self or family member) or indirectly (e.g. school shutdown or forced work furlough).



In addition, we have reviewed OSHA’s guidance on preparing workplaces for the coronavirus and developed a policy that you may find helpful.

Further, with regard to H.R. 6201: Families First CoronaVirus Response Act (“H.R. 6201”), under the current version that has passed the House, it would not replace state benefits, or other form of paid leave, such as those available to CA employees through the EDD or employer-paid time off programs.  Hence, if a CA employee were to receive more than 2/3 of their lost wages through a state or employer’s paid leave program, they would not qualify for benefits under H.R. 6201.  Whether these benefits or limitations remain unchanged is yet to be determined. The Senate is expected to review and vote on the measure in the days following its return to session, but so far there have been no indications of whether the Senate will expand or further limit the emergency paid leave benefits under the current version H.R. 6201.

A summary of the bill that passed the House and other documents are attached for your review.

[H.R. 6201]     [COVID-19 Policy]     [COVID-19 Checklist]

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