Video Manufacturing Tips

You’ve got a couple options when choosing coverage for equipment breakdown. You might be surprised how much of your operation can be covered. I’ve got all the details right here


Using a personal vehicle for business?
Using a business vehicle for personal use?Know your coverage options. Because you may be doing it wrong.

Whether it’s a cleaning crew or an HVAC professional, you should ALWAYS get certificates of insurance from anyone who performs work in your facility. If you don’t, you could be liable for damage or injury.


You want to know the physical limitations of your potential employees to ensure that they can actually perform the job for which they will be hired. A doctor can ask your new hires questions about physical ability that you legally cannot. Always get pre-employment physicals.


What is insurance? It’s the financing of risk. Every business has to deal with risk and insurance is just one of the ways of doing so. In this video we provide some background on the 4 methods of managing your risk.


You have an older building that is destroyed by a fire. Your property coverage should pay to replace it with “like kind.” But your city’s building codes have changed. “Like kind” is no longer acceptable, and your insurance refuses to pay for the additional costs of bringing your building up to code. Watch this short video to learn about the importance of Ordinance or Law insurance and make sure your coverage is keeping current with local laws.


Here we discuss the importance of pulling permits on all contractors hired to make alterations to your building, be they structural, electrical or any other type of work requiring an employee of another company to perform work on your site.


Manufacturing is the 2nd largest industry being threatened by cyber attack. We will prepare your business to meet this threat by showing you where you are vulnerable to loss.


After a workplace accident, your first instinct is to get it cleaned up so you can get back into production. In this video, we’re going to show you why speed is NOT your friend when it comes to the proper handling of a shop floor accident.


Here’s what to do if an employee comes in with an injury sustained outside the workplace. For questions about commercial insurance for manufacturers in California, contact Michael Dochterman at

In the unfortunate event of a vehicle break-in, who is responsible for the damaged or stolen property of your employees? Find out in this video.


You may think that the more people you have shopping for your coverage, the better coverage you’ll get. I’ll explain in this video why that isn’t necessarily the case.