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Infrastructure Takes Center Stage

May 15-19 is Infrastructure Week, a colloquium of businesses, workers, elected leaders and citizens who are focused on conquering the American infrastructure crisis. The goal of the conference is to spotlight problems and identify solutions that can respond to current needs and evolve to meet future demand.

The problem is often pigeonholed as roads and bridges, but infrastructure goes far beyond that—including broadband, public transportation, smart buildings and utilities, ports and other logistics, air traffic depots and controls, and all manner of communications. Any way you can order, schedule, ship, store, make or sell manufactured goods is impacted by our nation’s infrastructure, and if we aren’t keeping up with technology—or even basic maintenance of what we have—we are setting the stage for major future difficulties in the manufacturing industry.

That’s why this week is dedicated to bringing together the best and brightest minds in the industry to discuss infrastructure priorities and opportunities. Education initiatives are a key component in the effort to promote infrastructure revitalization. Science, technology, engineering and math students must be developed and unleashed with fresh ideas on coordinating the vast power, transportation and communication networks that will be needed at home and globally over the next decades. Speed, safety, environmental care and affordability will need to come together to sustain and improve lifestyles, and our public policy and industrial plans must be complementary.

At this point, technology is ahead of societal adaptation, innovation is ahead of regulation, and demand is outpacing budgets. A realignment that brings manufacturing, infrastructure, consumers and regulators together is overdue. With proper coordination and collaboration, we can expect the manufacturing industry to do quite well. Industry is vital to a thriving society. Affordable solutions that assist manufacturers as they employ substantial segments of our population and supply the products that improve the national well being are available. Take some time this week to listen to a podcast, read a blog on Infrastructure Week, check out an interview from a presentation or mark up an article on an important trend, then consider if there is an expanded role for your company or you individually in building infrastructure that supports a healthy manufacturing sector. Everyone has a part to play.

Meanwhile, as policy planners and thought leaders do their bit, it is up to manufacturers to keep pushing out parts and products. A serious look at loss control and risk management must accompany any production, sales, marketing and financial program. And with all the changes coming—which may include new avenues of trade but also new compliance demands—it will be helpful to have external business partners who are keeping abreast of the transforming infrastructure landscape.

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