Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Manufacturers

Work-related injuries happen in all industries but accidents on a manufacturing floor can be particularly severe and life altering for your employees. An aging workforce adds even more risk for manufacturers. No longer are workers’ compensation claims limited to single accidents. Continuous Trauma “CT” claims are on the rise from employees seeking compensation for body aches and pains caused by the work they have performed over a period of time. Having workers’ compensation insurance in place may be mandated in the state of California but how much you pay for it is driven by your industry classification codes, loss history (ex mod) and the selection of the right insurance carrier with the biggest appetite for your industry.

Having a safe work environment is not always enough. The increasing number of employee filed fraudulent workers’ compensation claims has cost California manufacturers millions of dollars in increased premiums. Thorough investigation of these claims, employee surveillance and highly trained defense attorneys that understand the manufacturing industry is critical to protecting your ex mod and future cost of insurance premium. That’s where Precision Manufacturing Insurance Services (PMIS) steps in. Because we only work with manufacturers, we deal with these kinds of claims every day and our claims management program is designed to protect you and your business.