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Preventing Employee Injury Risks in Machine Shops

Employees who work in machine shops are exposed to a variety of hazards. Dermal contact, noxious fumes, toxic waste, and faulty machines are just a few potential dangers; constantly increasing the need for a safe work environment as well as the right Machine Shop Workers’ Compensation policy. While a robust insurance policy will help you rest assured knowing your business and your employees are financially protected, there are key safety areas to consider in order to mitigate loss in the first place.

Machine Safety- Ensure that adequate guards exist to protect against moving or rotating parts, sparks, flying objects, etc. Foot-operated switches, if any, should be protected to prevent any unintended actuation. Next, the controls for operations are required to be specifically marked red and within close proximity for the workers to use. Employees should be adequately trained on proper equipment usage, as well.

Hazardous Chemical Storage- When storing hazardous materials, a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) should be provided to list all hazardous substances. Employers are responsible for placing eye wash stations in these storage areas in the event a chemical is mishandled or there is an accident. Further, employers are required to provide ample protective clothing and equipment for handling these materials, including gloves and protective eyewear. Lastly, make sure the storage containers are properly marked indicating the chemical and a hazard warning.

Electrical Safety- Machines should be securely grounded to the floor and circuits should be appropriately labeled in easily accessible breaker panels. Electrical sources should be positioned in a way that allows maintenance without harm, as well. Next, extension cords should be equipped with a grounding conductor for safety. Further, OSHA reminds you to have a qualified electrician inspect electrical equipment that may be faulty or is malfunctioning.

The above mentioned tips are very basic guidelines that you and your employees should be aware of. OSHA provides detailed checklists on their site in regards to machine shop safety. At Precision Manufacturing Insurance Services (PMIS), we believe that supporting the manufacturing industry is key to improving the American economy, improving job growth, and maintaining our industrial base. While providing comprehensive insurance products for the manufacturing industry is a large part of what we do, our core value is to protect the future of manufacturing. To learn more about our products and services, we invite you to contact our experts today at (855) 910-5788.

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