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Manufacturers with Ten or More Workers Must Post Cal/OSHA Form 300A by February 1

It’s that time of year again for California manufacturers with ten or more employees to complete and post the 2015 annual summary (Form 300A) of work-related injuries and illnesses. The form must be posted by February 1, 2016 in a common area and remain posted until April 30, 2016. Examples of prominent places to post the form include the lunchroom or at an information-posting area. Even if there have been no recordable injuries or illnesses at your workplace, you must comply with posting requirements to avoid receiving recordkeeping violation charges by Cal/OSHA.

Summary Form 300A reports an employer’s total year-end number of serious injuries. A serious injury is one that results in an employee’s fatality, loss of consciousness, days away from work, a restricted work schedule or job transfer, or a significant injury or illness diagnosis by a health care provider, or that requires medical treatment beyond basic first aid, as logged in on Cal/OSHA Form 300 (a log that is complementary to the summary form). Companies are also required to enter the average number of employees and the total hours they worked on the summary form.

You need only post the summary; the log itself does not have to be displayed but must be available to employees, their representatives, or Cal/OSHA inspectors upon request. Companies with multiple jobsites should keep a separate log and summary for each location that is expected to be operational for at least a year.

In addition, Cal/OSHA requires that a company executive certify the 300A summary. Company executives are defined as an owner of the company; an officer of the corporation; the highest-ranking company official working at the site; or the immediate supervisor of the highest-ranking company official working at the site. This official must certify that he or she has reviewed the related records and that the posted summary is accurate and complete, to the best of his or her knowledge. It is therefore important to take the time necessary to review the forms for technical errors as well as to review accident reports, first aid logs and other related materials to ensure that all recordable incidents have been included and that records are consistent.

If Cal/OSHA visits your facilities, typically as a result of a complaint, to investigate a high experience modifier, or your company has been included in the high-hazard listing for employers in the state, these forms will normally be examined.  You can access the most recent  (2007) Cal/OSHA Forms for Employer Records of Occupational Injury & Illness in excel or pdf versions here.

The intent behind Cal/OSHA’s annual summary report posting requirement is to help make the workplace safer. When employees are aware of the types of injuries and illnesses that have previously occurred, they are armed with information designed to further incentivize them to adhere to the safety precautions and measures instituted by your manufacturing operation. This is not only instrumental in helping to minimize such incidents but can also assist in lowering Manufacturing Workers’ Compensation costs by reducing expenses resulting from accidents and injuries. In fact, according to a recent report by a major insurance company, the most disabling, nonfatal workplace injuries amounted to nearly $62 billion in direct Workers’ Compensation costs for U.S. businesses; that’s more than $1 billion a week!

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