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Maintaining Safety in the Manufacturing Industry

While working in a factory of any sort can pose inherent danger risks, proper precautions and safety procedures can ensure a safe workplace. In order to reduce Manufacturing Workers’ Compensation claims, consider the following tips.

Conditions- Dependent on the type of manufacturing facility, workplace conditions vary. However, specific rules regarding safe handling and practices are universal which include prohibitions against drug and alcohol use, loose clothing, loose hair, loose jewelry and open-toed shoes, according to Small Business Chronicle. The proper gear, clothing, and safety wear is required at all times in order to reduce worker injury.

Procedures- This set of rules requires companies to specify particular actions and requirements in regards to safety. These can include, but are not limited to, leaving warning labels in place, not using faulty equipment, prohibiting certain behaviors next to machines, following users manuals and proper usage of machinery, etc.

Workplace- In order to avoid employee injury, workplaces should be organized and well kempt. This can be achieved by making sure materials are stored properly and emergency equipment is easily accessible. What’s more, equipment and machinery should be inspected by a safety officer regularly to make sure everything is in working order.

Dangerous Situations- Emergency exits should always be marked and unblocked at all times. Functioning fire extinguishers should be available and are required by law to be provided by the employer, as well. Further, an eye washing station should be easily located in addition to a fully stocked first aid kit. If the company is located in a hazardous zone, such as in hurricane or tornado territory, employees should have a clear direction of action to locate shelter.

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