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Happy 10th Anniversary to PMIS

Anniversary PMIS

by Michael Dochterman

Ten years ago, I had a vision of a specialty insurance firm with a team of highly skilled specialists serving the manufacturing industry.  On June 1, 2010, that vision became a reality with the birth of Precision Manufacturing Insurance Services (“PMIS”).

In the beginning, we had a handful of clients, a $375,000 debt, and a lot of passion.

My ultimate goal for PMIS was to grow beyond my leadership through the retention of the right people who would lead the company into its future.  I am very proud to say that this has been accomplished.

So today we celebrate our 10-year anniversary.  But more than that, we celebrate the clients that have made our success possible and the dedication and commitment of our employees who have built this company into what it is today.

To all of you who have worked so hard, I say thank you for bringing my vision to life.  I look forward to planning a proper celebratory anniversary party once we get past the COVID 19 restrictions.

Happy 10-Year Anniversary PMIS!

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